Bluboo D1 with Snapdragon 835, Dual Camera & Edge-less Display


If you follow the world of smartphones and more precisely those of Chinese smartphones, you learn to make the acquaintance of various Asian brand focused almost exclusively on the production of the medium / low end device. Now the company is working its next high end smartphone dubbed as Bluboo D1.

Bluboo D1

One of these is Bluboo, company based in Hong Kong known for some smartphones such as the Picasso, the Xfire 2 or “old” Xtouch. However, it would appear that the company is ready to make its way in the high end sector with the arrival of a new model, the Bluboo D1.

Bluboo D1 with Snapdragon 835, dual cameras and borderless display!

According to the findings, the Bluboo D1 would be characterized by the presence of the new SoC Snapdragon 835 Qualcomm, a dual camera back and front and a borderless display.

Bluboo D1

We are therefore talking about a technical form of very high-end and frankly we’d be very curious to see associated with a completely new brand to the use of parts hardware of this level.

Sure, it would, however, not the first time that an Asian company announced a smartphone by the specifications of the first class, but later denied. Consequently, we invite you to wait for further news regarding this exclusive Bluboo D1.