Qualcomm, Xilinx & Nvidia Interested in 7nm FinFET chips of TSMC


Along with Samsung and Intel, the processor TSMC chipsets manufactures with the 10nm FinFET process for high-end mobile devices this year. But TSMC reportedly will be ready for 7nm FinFET chips, already from this second half before the start of full production in early 2018. TSMC is in the management stage «Tape out» – the last step in the planning process for the original chip before the start of mass production. However, it is not uncommon to place additional revisions after the completion of the tape out before the start of construction of chip massively.

TSMC is already preparing for production of 7nm FinFET chipsets!

7nm Finfet

The company said it has 15 customers for the chip using the process, but seeks to make 20. Apple is a possible potential candidate also, whereas the Taiwanese processor maker, according to reports, is responsible for 10nm FinFET chip production for the iPhone this year. The current iPhone and iPad models use chips of 16nm. The move to 10nm FinFET will enable the production of smaller and more energy-efficient microprocessors.

7nm Finfet

The TSMC is expected to give us more information on the progress made with the process of 7nm FinFET the upcoming conference of the company’s investors on January 15.